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Parsa Crusher Products

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Rabbit sand crusher

This type of crusher is from the category of hammer crushers. The shaft of this device is vertical and unlike some other types is not horizontal.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is mainly used in the first stage of crushing. These types of crushers are widely used in crushing hard minerals such as iron ore, copper ore, lead and zinc, quartz, feldspar.

Asia Powder
This machine is one of the different types of machines in the crushing process that is always used for final crushing or in other words, pulverizing stones.

Vibrating screen

Sieve is used in factories and mines for granulation and separation of various minerals.


A conveyor belt is actually a device or component of a belt conveyor system (often referred to as a conveyor belt).

خطوط سنگ شکن سیار
Mobile crusher

The main advantage of mobile crushing lines is the ability to move the crushing line before and after the crushing and granulation process.

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A factory is a production site or factory of an industrial site,
which usually consists of buildings and machinery.


Crushers are used to crush crumbly materials. Stones have different reactions during crushing. Therefore, depending on the type of stone and application, different crushers are needed. Each crusher has a special method for crushing which is divided into two main parts: A. Compression crushing (primary gyratory crushers, jaw crushers and cone crushers) In this method, the material is compressed between two surfaces that are close to each other. And as a result are crushed. The speed of movement of the crushing surface varies between 0.5 to 1.5 meters per second.In this method, the material is affected by the shock caused by the impact of rotating parts (rotor and crusher hammer and sand bed و) and is thrown to metal surfaces (anvils) or non-metal surfaces (sand bed) and hit. They accept and in this movement, the stones also collide with each other. The speed of movement is usually 30 to 80 meters per minute and sometimes higher in VSI‌s.

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