Cone Crusher (Hydrocone)

Can be used as primary or secondary crusher; In terms of having a suitable raw material structure that can be used for hard and high silica materials; Cheap supply and maintenance; Lubrication systems with automatic control; The low weight and the fact that the angle of its erosive parts is closer to the vertical line, has made its products better and more versatile, which distinguishes this machine from its counterpart. This type of crusher, which is also called hydrocone, is one of the types of rotary crushers, but it differs from it in other ways, such as faster speed and a very large increase in the angle of the conical core and parallel to the internal curvature of the body.

Technical specifications of Hydroken



Size of input materials (MM)

Tonnage of input materials

Engine power (KW)

۱۳۶ – ۲۴۰ – ۸ ۸۰۹۰
۲۳۶ – ۳۵۰ – ۱۰ ۹۰۹۰
۳۳۶ – ۴۷۰ – ۱۰ ۱۰۰۹۰
۴۳۶ – ۵۱۱۰ – ۱۵ ۱۲۰۹۰
۵۳۶ – ۶/۵۱۵۰ – ۲۰ ۱۵۰۹۰
۶۳۶ – ۸۲۰۰ – ۵۰ ۱۷۰۹۰

In fact, the materials crushed by the jaw crusher enter the hydrocon crusher after granulation, and depending on the distance between the mantle and the concave, it can be used as a sand maker or coarse crusher. It is necessary to mention all the parts in They are subject to depreciation. They are made of manganese alloy steel and all bearings are licensed by reputable European companies such as FAG or SKF.

Features and characteristics of conical crushers (hydrocone)

  • It can be used as primary and secondary crusher in mines.
  • High power in crushing hard rocks.
  • High output power in sand production.
  • Due to having a large entrance, it has a high capacity.
  • Very strong and durable structure.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Due to its low weight, it can be easily transported, moved and installed.