Mobile Crusher

  • Mobile crushers can be used in industrial-mining projects (iron ore, copper, aluminum, magnesium, cement, gypsum, etc.) and construction such as road construction (rural roads, highways, railways, subways) and dam construction, bridge construction… Have. The main advantage of mobile crushing lines is the ability to move the crushing line before and after the crushing and granulation process. The result is ease of operation, better quality of granulated products, and less time and cost of operation.

    The specifications of mobile crushing lines are as follows:

    * Ability to transport and move the device by trailer to the project site to prepare aggregate
  • * No need for a special foundation to use the device
  • * The possibility of providing stone materials at the project site and eliminating the costs associated with transporting materials to the project site

  • * High flexibility of the device in terms of installation and receipt of materials

  • * Install emergency keys on the device and upgrade its safety level

  • * Ease of repairs and the possibility of fast supply of spare parts for the device

  • * Protecting the bearings of the moving parts of the device against the penetration of moisture and dust

  • Mobile crushers are made with different applications from one chassis to three chassis with variable capacities of 40 to 150 tons per hour.