Conveyor belt

A conveyor belt is actually a device or component of a belt conveyor system (often referred to as a conveyor belt). The belt conveyor system, also known as the belt conveyor, is one of the many types of conveyor systems. A conveyor system consists of two or more pulleys (sometimes referred to as drums or drums) with an endless ring of straps or straps that carry and rotate the material.

Conveyor material

Conveyors are made of various components, including rubber belts. Belts are one of the most important parts of the conveyor that are made of different materials (rubber or metal) depending on the type of application. Conveyor belts are available in different models such as ribbed, PVC, etc. The material of the belts is multi-layered, which uses rubber, fabric (linen), metal, etc. layers. In the picture below, you will get acquainted with the layers of the conveyor belt.

Different types of conveyor belts 

Video of how the conveyor works


Types of conveyor belts

Conveyor belts have different models depending on the type of need and application. For example, in mines, belts with the ability to resist fire, wear, tear, etc. are used. The following types of conveyors can be mentioned:

  1. EP or TEXTER conveyor belts
  2. Roller conveyor

  3. Wired Wireless Conveyor Belts (ST)

  4. Wireless Conveyor Belts with Transverse Wire (SIDERFLEX)
  5. Electrical Conveyor Belts (ELETEX)

  6. Bucket conveyor belts (FLEXOBORD)
  7. ARAMELT Conveyor Belts (ARABELT)

  8. Chain conveyor
  9. Pipe Conveyor Belts (PIPEX)

  10. Chevron conveyor belts (ribbed or SPINATEX)
  11. Single layer conveyor belts (TEXBIND)

  12. Hand-picked conveyor

  13. Loading conveyor

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